Doing Our Bit to be Green

    We love the rural outdoors life and we want to ensure that our campsite has the minumum possible negative impact on the environment. 

    All of our heating and hot water is now provided by a state of the art biomass wood chip boiler which was supplied and installed by local 

    Green energy experts East Green Energy in Woodbridge. This means we have a good supply of hot water to the luxury amenity block and 

    its all provided by sustainable locally sourced wood pellets.

    The biomass boiler is supported by solar thermal panels that on days when we are blessed with some sunshine our hot water is topped up 

    with solar thermal heat - some sites rely entirely on solar thermal which is great until you get a cloudy day and you end up with cold showers ! 

    Helping provide our electricity we have installed 8kw of solar PV which is grid tied so what we can use on site is used and what we dont

    use gets exported to the UK grid. 

Steadings Campsite Biomass Boiler


    Future plans - we would like to look  into using rainwater harvesting to provide water for flushing toilets but thats a job for another day !

    We used some great local suppliers who know their stuff and work to high standards but at sensible prices. A big thankyou to them and

    yes we most definitely recommend them (feel free to mention Steadings if you are contacting them) :

    East Green Energy - Woodbridge  - Supplied & installed the Biomass boiler.

    Alpha Eco Systems - Gt Yarmouth - Supplied and installed the solar PV

    Falcon Harries Heating Specialists  - Leigh on Sea - plumbed plant room, wardens house and amenity block.